Success stories

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Mackenzie E.

I've been training with Logan for a couple years and he is so awesome and great at what he does! I have recommended him to several of my friends and all think he's as amazing as I do. His positivity is contagious and he's super encouraging and easy to get along with. He's helped with my diet and I love all the workouts he put together for me. He wants you to see results just as bad as you do. Ive never walked away from a session unsatisfied and If I could rate him 10 stars I absolutely would. :)

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Terri B.

When I retired January 2016, I was 149.5 pounds... Within 12 months, I met my goal of 116 and have never felt better in my life! I needed a trainer who could help rehabilitate me from several injuries—torn left rotator cuff, total ACL right knee, and a painful left ankle. After my rehabilitation and losing 30+ pounds, I can once again do pushups and lift my arm without pain, plus I have the energy to easily dance all day long without getting tired.At age 62, I’ve never felt better in my life!! Thank you, Logan, for giving me my quality of life back!

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Marly P.

In February of 2014 I started training with David. Let me tell you that it has been the best decision I could have ever made! Had you told me a few years back that I would be lifting weights and be down 100+ lbs I would have called you crazy!  David's attention to detail and his dedication to going above and beyond for his clients has kept me coming back and on track even when life throws me a curve ball. I still have new goals that I would like to achieve, but with what David has taught me and his help the sky is the limit!


Jackie S.

I have been training with David for nearly 3 years and I've followed him through 3 different gyms. Throughout our time we targeted a multitude of injuries and ailments including my stubborn hip. I appreciate how David stresses training the entire body according to my posture. Most recently we decided to dial down on weight management and I'm so glad I did as I am down 25lbs! We approached nutrition on realistic terms and over the summer I saw a huge change in my body fat! This has been an incredible journey, I never dreamed that I could transform myself like this and I owe it all to my trainer and myFit.

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John G.

After 15 years of doing the same workout and being stuck in a rut, I decide to hire a trainer to see if it would help... I decided to work with David Lacayo, of myFIT... I told David my fitness goals, my physical limitations (bad back) and he took me through 3 months of expertly guided, custom designed fitness training and diet... After doing the same exercises for 15 years, I was impressed that we didn't do the same exercise twice in the 3 months we trained together... David would be right next to my side, 100% focused on me during the entire session, every session... The results were outstanding! His knowledge of exercise physiology showed no limits... I highly recommend David to anyone who is looking for a quality personal trainer."  

Denise M.

I want to share how much healthier I am and how far I've come. I was at rock bottom before i started losing weight and now thanks to David I have learned to live a healthier lifestyle. I have lost over 40lbs while working with David.  I started training with David when he worked at Crunch Citrus Heights and followed him when he transferred to Natomas. Working out at anytime fitness is wonderful. The staff there all makes me feel comfortable and able to workout in front of everyone, I'm not embarrassed anymore. David truly is the #1 trainer. 

Matt S.

When my band, Cemetery Sun, got signed to Republic Records, I realized I needed to get in shape before we went on tour. One of my friends had made great progress while working with Logan so I reached out to him to see what he could do. I have dropped 30lbs and maintained that weight loss since I started training. Logan does everything possible to keep me on track even when I'm thousands of miles away. When I am out of town he is always just a text or phone call away and makes sure I have a program to follow to compensate for my lifestyle on the road. Whatever your circumstances are, Logan will find a way to help you reach your goals.